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Complete Décor Package

The Blaine Kern Alliance
The Blaine Kern Company dominates the Mardi  Gras parade float design business. Mr. Kern is recognized by New Orleanians as “Mr. Mardi Gras.” N’Orleans To Go™ has a category alliance with the Blaine Kern Company that allows us to exclusively provide unique, bold, and exciting interior and exterior store graphic elements to all N’Orleans To Go locations.

The Syndey Byrd Alliance
Compelling and captivating wall displays exclusively licensed from world-renowned New Orleans cultural photographer Syndey Byrd bring the New Orleans experience to life throughout the store.

Specialty Products
Our unique New Orleans connections extend category Alliances to key high-margin product categories:

At Beanzy’s Coffee Bar, the exclusive flavors and aromas of our proprietary coffee line are authentically New Orleans – and offer 70%+ margins. All coffee served at N’Orleans To Go™ is artisan roasted in the New Orleans Coffeeworks micro-roastery, ready to be shipped, brewed, and served across the world only at N’Orleans To Go™.

N’Orleans To Go™ exclusively offers its customers the entire line of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s all- natural, custom blended Magic Seasoning Blends®, Magic Chiles and Magic Seasoning Salts.

Created by the internationally famous Louisiana Chef – who introduced the world to the spicy joys of Cajun cuisine – this unique product line uses only the finest quality ingredients, magically developed by the master of Cajun flavor, Chef Paul Prudhomme.

Magic Seasonings operates out of a 30,000 square foot plant, with 53 employees and distribution in all 50 states and 28 foreign countries.

TABASCO® Brand Products & Merchandise Display Hutch

The exclusive pepper sauce for N’Orleans To Go™, this legendary icon brand is no longer just about the original spicy condiment it first made famous in 1868. Consumers can’t seem to get enough of TABASCO® Brand t-shirts, aprons, mugs, patio lights, TABASCO Family of Flavors® Gift Packs, pepper jelly and a lot more. All items are displayed to gain maximum impact with diamond logo neon signs and illuminated clocks adding to the festive atmosphere.

The McIlhenny family of Avery Island also offers discriminating customers a premium line of South Louisiana-style specialty products called McIlhenny Farms®. All have the robust flavor you would expect, from the irresistible bar-b-que sauce, to the spicy mayonnaise, and the spicy brown or coarse ground mustards, just to name a few.

The N’Orleans to Go™ Courtyard
Seasonally changing, high-margin New Orleans-themed items make up this experience center, which includes:
• Voodoo dolls and other themed decorative novelties
• Mardi Gras ceramic masks
• Exclusive music CDs and videos featuring New Orleans greats, both old and new
• New Orleans specialty food items, like flavored pepper jellies and pecan pralines
• Seasonal bakery items
• Cookbooks written by world-famous New Orleans chefs…
• Toys, games, hats, novelties…you name it!
All Courtyard items are themed and merchandised to maximize the experiential and aggressively promote sales. Velocity and sales are regularly evaluated to offer the optimum product mix on a seasonal basis.NOTE: All the physical elements of the concept are designed to be installed into existing operations with no down time for the c-store or the fuel islands. Usually, no major structural rehab is required.

N'Orleans DELI

Proprietary Home Meal Solutions

N’Orleans To Gois on the leading edge of the food service industry with its innovative N'ORLEANS DELI™ meal solutions concept…
A Booming Category
• $72 billion in sales
• Projected growth of 8%/yr
• Amounting to 80% of food service industry growth by 2005
N’Orleans To Go™ has a sampling program that acquaints each guest and gas customer with the tasty recipes being offered. Sampling creates interpersonal connections with guests, and takes advantage of the sales opportunities each guest encounter offers.

The N'ORLEANS DELIoffers fresh frozen New Orleans cuisine in a variety of sizes. Prep is easy and requires no experienced fast food personnel – all one needs is a tabletop microwave oven and a tabletop flash oven.

Specialty Dishes

Red Beans, Sausage & Rice

Eggplant Orleans

Chicken Andouille Gumbo

Crawfish Étouffée

Spinach Crawfish Lasagna

Cajun Crawfish Dressing

Pan Cornbread Dressing

Seafood Gumbo

Shrimp Creole

Bread Pudding

N’Orleans To Go
proprietary meal solutions are developed exclusively under our N'ORLEANS DELIlabel in a 18,000 square foot USDA commissary. Authentic recipes, created by New Orleans chefs, are available for “JIT” (just in time) national and international distribution to all locations.

Mardi Gras Bakery

Whether it's our Mardi Gras "King Cakes" in February or Marie Laveau Voodoo "Queen Cakes" in May, our exclusive Mardi Gras bakery and pastry products are world class. A 5,000 square foot FDA bakery is ready for "JIT" delivery around the globe.


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